We provide quality legal and consultancy services

We render a specialized, research-based and well-focused legal and consultancy services tailored to meet the exact needs of our diversified
clientele across industry, private and public sectors.

“Stop doing business with an unregistered business name….. Big error”

Favour Onuoha George

A Successful Strategy, From the First Day of Consultation


Reaching The Stars For Our Clients

Welcome to our legal consulting firm

We foster a team approach to client services through confidence building and
open communication. Under our consultancy services we work closely with
our clients to understand their business, their objectives, their challenges and
we proffer suitable solution(s).

We see to it that our clients comply totally with all the legal requirements/rules guiding their field of businesses to avoid being penalized. We aim to establish a reliable legal background in our clients’ company and to always proffer legal advise in order to minimize/ avoid legal disputes that may arise and to protect our clients’ benefits to the maximum level

We Can Help

If You're In Trouble

We help our clients’ businesses/companies become a legal entity by getting it
registered with corporate affairs commission.





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